losing paper weight

There was a time when four newspapers a day were delivered to my little hovel: NYT, WSJ, Boston Globe, Evil Tribune, way back before the internet became the new glass teat for all us information junkies. Obviously that creates a backlog and one’s dwelling soon looks like a hamster cage. After shedding the 250 lb husband, I pared it back to 2 newspapers, and eventually one, about 5 years ago, I pared it to NONE. Which is very inconvenient when I am, actually TRYING to line a hamster cage but that’s what the local weekly paper is for. I mean what sections was I REALLY reading? Front page, national news, local news, the arts section and the funnies. What I don’t take in through my ears from NPR I augment with the internet. And lucky for me all the important parts of the NYT and Boston Globe are available online and Gocomics.com had all my daily comic strips. I may still have to pick up the Thursday edition of the regional paper in good weather for the yard sales & flea markets but if I am careful, most of that paper never makes it past the dumpster.

It seems with my limited mobility my posts are getting more and more introspective. I will try to do something about that, while I try to do something about that head gasket.

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