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velma clinton wrote this post and gave me permission to spread it around:

Velma Clinton wrote:
I just lost another sale due to the high cost of mailing to foreign countries. The customer did not want to pay over $17.00 to ship a $12.00 book, and I don’t blame her. The book was too big for the Flat Rate Envelope.

If you are having the same problem, perhaps you could send a letter to your Senators and Congressional Repesentative, asking for their assistance in getting the Post Office to reinstate Surface Mail.

I sent mine the following letter (not email – I understand they pay a lot more attention to a snail mail than they do to email):

Dear Senator/Congressman:

I would like to request your assistance in persuading the US Post Office to reinstate Surface Mail for shipments to foreign countries.

I sell used books online. At least once a week, and many weeks more than once, I lose the sale of a book because the postage is too high.

When we had Surface Mail, a heavy book could mail for 5 or 6 dollars, or, with M-Bags, a really heavy book could go for $11.00. Now books weighing as little as 2 pounds cost over $17.00 to mail if they are too large to fit in the Flat Rate Envelope.

When you consider that there are thousands and thousands of online booksellers (one online listing service, Abebooks.com, alone, claims they list books for over 13,500 booksellers), you can see that the Post Office’s policy is dong serious damage to the US economy and the US balance of payments. Millions and millions of dollars are not coming into the US because Surface Mail is no longer an option.

Please use your influence to get the Post Ofice to make Surface Mail available once more.

Get your representative’s address here.
Get your senator’s address here.

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