Lost Sock Memorial Day

Ever have one of those days? – the weather in New England is back to its normal, cold and rainy self, Blogspot took its own sweet time waking up today (I know, I shouldn’t complain about something thats free) and one of my cats decided to see if the laptop keyboard made a good scratching post . . . it didn’t. It’s back in the shop & I still haven’t found one of the keys. So, lets see what other type of trouble the days hands me.

birthday boy • 1860 J.M. Barrie – Scottish novelist and dramatist & creator of Peter Pan, is born in Scotland

1671 – Thomas Blood, disguised as a clergyman, attempts to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London. He is immediately caught because he is too drunk to run with the loot. He is later condemned to death and then mysteriously pardoned and exiled by King Charles II. this is too funny for words

audio • Speaking of Faeries, turns out that Ann Arbor, MI has become flood with faeries as there have been a rash of Fairy Door installations around the town. NPR has a piece on the Doors, their creator and the effect that a little mischief is having. ..and YES there will be a book.

one city one book, one check • The Big Read, a national program to combat the fading interest in fiction, is getting a lot bigger. TheNational Endowment for the Arts will announce a competition for grants, up to $20,000 each, to be awarded to 100 communities that select a novel and encourage everyone to read and discuss it.

super shopping • the Guardian has some of the results of Christie’s Paris Erotica auction.

talking head • an AZ Republic interview with Harlan Ellison who was named Grand Master at the Nebula awards last weekend.

Banktoaster • Picture-shark is a freeware that allows you to put watermarks on your bookscans. via Helen @ Pogo’s Place.

sites worth seeing
The Lucile project is an attempt to recover the publishing history of a single 19th century book. utterly useless & utterly fascinating. via Barbara @ Slightly Read Books

the Oxford Dictionary of National Biographytodays subject is Roger Hargreaves (1935-1988), creator of the Mr Men series of children’s books. via David G Anderson Books

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