lost time and email

i would have sworn i was just here….but then here isn’t were i left it. the laptop is playing footsie with death by download and the desktop is starting to eat itself…how come things start breaking down the moment you can ill afford to replace them?

This morning ever faithless piece of shit Comcast modem took six resets before it would stay on for good…and that’s when i found that old faithful Mozilla Thunderbird had lost its mind and eaten my entire profile. For anyone who has ever tried to recover your Thunderbird profile i.e. your folders and emails …and you know who you are….the good thing is that Mozilla’s website is chockablock filled with helpful step by step instructions….the bad thing is that is all presented as utter gibberish.

I have been using Mozilla’s Firefox, Seamonkey and Thunderbird for a number of years now and can fully recommend them, however when Thunderbird goes awry which isn’t often, it is usually a long tedious process to recover from. And no matter what the problem, i ALWAYS end up appealing to someone on the Mozzine Support Board. Odd that a terrific piece of software has unterrific help database. Sure the answer is in there but you better be ready to spend the day spelunking to find it.

In the end someone pointed me towards a lovely ADD-ON which should have been part of the damn build to begin with. ImportExportTools, which lets you go find the folder filled with your emails and bring it back into Thunderbird. Granted I had to set up all over again and clean up a lot of duplications, but I got everything back that I needed…..i stopped weeping all over the keyboard and put away the vodka and redbull. welll there’s put away and theres ‘put away’.

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