Lost World (6/22/25)

Lost World (1925)  I can’t by pass 1925 without checking in with OBie and Marcel Delgado’s creature feature. I’m a sucker for actual Monsters in my monster movies. Apparently Marcel produced 50 dino creatures for this picture and with each subsequent restoration more and more get to been seen on film. Face it, we all FFWD past Professor Challenger and get right to the dinosaurs, now that I am old I can’t even watch monkeys and apes or even bear cubs on film and not feel bad for them. Clay stop motion animals I can’t get enough of them. Watching it you can see Obie’s technique evolve from scene to scene from singular creatures to matte paintings and combining the live action and the stop motion in one shot.

First National had been merely a successful distributor of films until they decided to get into the act. I just don’t see any other fantasy or genre films in their filmography which is too bad. I haven’t seen any of their others films, but if this and Sea Hawk (1924) are any indicator, they put a lot of effort into their production values. (Sea Hawk’s sea battles were so good, they reused the footage in the Errol Flynn version.) Basically if you own King Kong, this should sit on the shelf next to it…or you can also shelve it next to your Ray Harryhausen’s Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.

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