lotta watta

You know the person in the room that everyone expects to know what’s going on and is expected to make sure it all gets that way? even though they aren’t really the one in charge? yeah, that’s me. I dunno why, I just am. It even bleeds over into the internet.

Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday were swallowed up by a 3 day adoption fete, I am down lots of sleep and 2 kittens but it’s a start. Leaving very few days to spend on actual paying enterprises.

Yesterday, while trying to fend off someone from town hall who wants me to do a show of my local photographs, I steered the conversation in the direction of the Rails to Trails conservancy. By the time I had finished explaining the program, I had dug myself into a hole and volunteered to head the feasibility study. (when the hell am i gonna do that?)

And every time I sat down at the computer to write, my phone would magically ring sending me off on another errand.

Somehow the universe took pity on me today and the skies opened up and dumped a shitload of rain on the area… I mean a LOT of water. All of it I think. With zero visibility on the roads, I didn’t have much to do but keep an eye on the seepage level in the basement. So, I spent the day cleaning the clutter and mice out of my kitchen cabinets. Oh joy.

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