Lynn's Postcard from the Guatamala Book Fair

Dear Bibs:

The fair was a bit disappointing. It has shrunk to somewhere between ½ & ¼ of its former size. I am not sure if this is because of economic reasons or because there is a lot of construction work going on in and around the site. About half the central plaza is being worked on and the buildings on the side opposite the capital building are being cleaned, a long involved process that means the street on that side of the square is closed.

There were no booksellers from outside Guatemala City exhibiting. Formerly there were a few from other towns in Guatemala and a good many from Mexico and the rest of Central America.

Nonetheless it is a good fair and I’ll be returning later in the trip. The fair began December 1 and runs through December 24.

I am now restricting myself to buying books on Mexico & bulls so itwas a bit harder to find things to buy. I did come away with three treasures, two books I did not know of about the problems of Guatemalan migrants in Mexico and one about the history of the struggles for indigenous autonomy in Mexico, primarily in Chiapas, that I have already sold.

I would have bought a lot more I think, but I spent most of the time talking with exhibitors. I need to look more closely at the large number of archaeology & anthropology books offerred to see which cross the artificial boundary dividing the Mayan territory.

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I am enjoying the trip. I’ll report further on the fair and book buying in Guatemala City later.

That is it. I’ll try to do more next week. I was going back today but yesterday Cathie put my passport plus my Mexican id through the wash in my jeans pocket. The passport actually came out ok but the Mexican documents (a passport size booklet with photo, etc. showing I’m a
legal resident of Mexico & have been for two years and have the right to come and go at will – with visa stamps) pretty much disintegrated.

So, at the moment the only way I can enter Mexico is “mojado”, “wet”, illegally. So we are going to spend today at the Mexican embassy here trying to work it out. Saturday we are set to go to Antigua to shop for arts & crafts stuff & go to a Christmas concert & Sunday is a party at Los Romeritos for the kids there.


Lynn DeWeese-Parkinson
for books on Mexico & Bullfighting
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