Magic porch indeed

2014-10-15 09.56.06 LIFE’S BETTER. the magic porch made it better. Last week the contractor got paid..i can’t say he finished, but he packed up and left…he still has some tidbits he’s promising to come back for…and i still have his big gutter bending thing so he will be back.

Friday i was drafted to drive down to Massachusetts for the animal rescue fundraiser, 5 years in and they still can’t manage the computer without me. And I’d have to stay over and leave the cats alone for 24 plus house. So done or not the cat door went into the wall. The contractor did NOT want to put a hole in such a thick wall and ruin his beautiful porch. I told him, your doing it or i’m doing it because by the end of the day, there was going to be a hole in the wall – and its just the right size. I did have to devise an insulated door for it for cold weather. And if i stare at it long enough i will figure out how to make a swinging door that doesn’t let all the heat out. But no rush, when it’s cold they are all bundled on the bed with me anyway. 2014-10-09 11.42.47

With all the lovely space the porch provides I emptied out most of the living room of boxes and cages, all that’s left is the tv and the evil futon. the room needs painting and a floor..painting would be wicked easy if i wasn’t sleeping in it – i think 2 days of paint odor while i sleep in it, will probably give me the mother of migraines, and the floor well that’s just another 500 i don’t have. Moving car insurance is costing me a painful amount. So, to placate myself, the bookcases are going up, floor or no floor. Once the boxes of books on the porch are removed…well reduced, there should be a LOT of room out there for messing about.

2014-10-13 16.04.18-1Monday I paid the contractor’s dogsbody to finish the insulation on the 2nd floor..well he was helping me, but all i had to do was finish adding the air channels. The entire second floor needs paneling before i can sleep up there, which is an entirely NOT cheap operation. So that’s on hold as well. I have insulated a screen door to the staircase and screwed it in place to stop the draft. I guess for the winter, it’s a once story house at least until somehow i find more money to complete it.

Sales are completely in the toilet. Time to get my shit together. About the time this weekend when i started dragging boxes out of the house and onto the porch and could finally walk from room to room without turning sideways, i stopped hating my house. It is just the right size and when the second floor comes online…it will seem ENORMOUS. The office is still chockful of crap, today’s chore is drag everything out to the porch and arrange the shelving so i can unpack. Once i can FIND things…i can at least renew life of some of my projects, at the very least I can find stuff to list online. I’d be hard pressed to find a pencil if I needed one. Last time i looked all that stuff was boxed..somewhere, like my clothes. I may just stop pretending the living room is anything more than my bedroom and unpack my clothes – into what would be another question. But for the first time since i moved, feel creative, i don’t feel trapped…i fell broke and panicky, but hey..that’s familiar… feeling creative and not dragged in 10 different directions is new and different.

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