Maine Starter Kit

2015-02-12 15.03.54And more snow came…. it is still outside I haven’t even gone out to greet it yet. I did get the snowshoes..which by the way, these new ones don’t do dick about walking ON the snow, you still sink down, but it makes pulling your foot OUT a little easier. I am wishing I had kept some of the old ones which are much wider, they tamp down the snow as you walk. Using them I was able to get over to the lee side of the house where there is only a foot of snow on the ground. I made a trench around the vent from the heating system. If it gets covered I will have a lot more to worry about than that. I also dropped $60 on roof rake… practically the last one in the city. I managed to scrape the snow off the front of the house, and made the piles on the porch much bigger. But hopefully the exposed ice dams will get a chance to melt a little.

2015-02-12 16.03.05 The a back of the house is more problematic. I was able to shovel the 1st few steps of the back stairs…only because the back door opens IN…and boy aren’t I glad I won THAT argument with the contractor. If I install a screen door it will have to have hinges that swing both ways or I will be stuck in the house for ever. After I cleared a few stairs, I started on the trenching around the back of the house. I will need to double that in width, cause there’s snow on the back porch roof that will have to go someplace when I pull it down. IF i can pull it down. I may have to buy another extension for my rake. Maybe afterwards, i can rent it out for $5 and make some of my money back.

2015-02-13 15.25.23 Apparently we got off lucky today and only got about 4-6 inches. that’s not the problem the wind has kicked up… I swear snow blows OFF my neighbors flat big yards and ends up in piles in my yard.


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