make mine slushy

Snow day. no school. First snow, then rain… thunder and lightning and the fog is rolling in…what the hell, did someone in Methuen break a mirror? The school owner didn’t think it was worth dying to learn how to blend a frozen marguarita. I say that all depends on the marguarita.

However I did something extra foolish this morning, instead of jumping out of bed and putting my nose to the grindstone…I put on my galoshes and overcoat and took my camera out for a wee walk. Here are the results…aside from the puddles on the flood. I have to find a ziplock bag big enough for my camera..she doesn’t like to get wet.

Now that the day is fairly over and I think I made myself sick…NOW i am going to try to get some work done…all the while fantasizing about nyquil toddy and a three-cat coverlet.

there goes that lightning again….man that is DEEPLY disturbing.

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