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i just spend a few straight days putting together another local history, they are addictive….the more i can get my hands on the more i want to reprint. i am even looking into a getting a free standing rack..i know the coffee shop at the corner will carry whatever i can produce…damn sight more interesting than postcards.

While i was putting this one together i made some decisions about the series as a whole.  once i do the most prominent titles, i want to double back and do what i did with the Vox Populi volume.  Find more smaller pieces to publish standalone or paired with like items.

And Indexing is key – most of these titles don’t have an index so if you are just using them for referencing you have to skim the whole thing to find what you are looking for.  You could of course just use Google books…but the appeal of doing local histories is that people are likely to buy them just to put them on the shelf.  which brings me to my other decision..This last volume had a lot of wasted pages in it.  those engraved portraits were on plates..with blank backs. so that’s two pages for one picture and a paragraph (we won’t even discuss how they were just sprinkled through the book in no particular order)  basically i extracted them all and dumped them alphabetically in the back two up on a page so i am getting 4 images into the same space they used for one.   including an index i think i can keep the page count under 250…and the cost UNDER $20…hopefully well under.  I’m not making all that much money on these but then i didn’t write them…i am just reformatting them and reprinting them.  Mostly i am doing this for my own amusement…that’s much more important to me than most things.

After I get enough of these under my belt, i think i need to put together a Methuen History since we don’t have a decent one.  and i have a few folks who want me to do some more NEW titles.  the reprints should balance out the NEW titles nicely.

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