making it up

IMG_90362014-01-11 16.20.00I had heavy cream leftover from the holidays when i was making gingerbread.. .hmmm..gingerbread..sounds good i think i will make some later…..i’m easily manipulated…. and i was looking for some specific canning jars online for some specific project in the future..and then i hit an example of making butter in a canning jar from cream…ain’t science handy? so this morning i made butter. ta da…i did what the average 6 year old did in kindergarten…When i am scanning books into the computer i end up with a lot of time on my hands…if I do things to complicated, i loose track of the pages and then have to start over… The butter making comes on the heels of a large spate of cookery in my closet sized kitchen, i have scanned a few books this week, in between the scanning, i made bread, roast chicken, chicken stock and baked beans, not to mention a 6 liters of ginger ale…..winter kinda of undoes any weight loss from the rest of the year.
I don’t know if i am nesting or trying to restart good habits that i want to continue once i move. Its not that i have forgotten to do all these things, i just find its not worth the effort if i can just open a box of cereal and have dinner done and dusted and be back in front of the telly in a few minutes. Perhaps i am trying to start living the fantasy life i have in my head, where i get dinner or houseguests and have more to offer them than frozen pizsa. hmmmm maybe i will make a pizza.

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