Making stuff up

A a friend of mine has me looking for winebottle labels, the custom made kind …but first i have to make the label to upload…of course. So i am cruising the net for a place to get hundreds of labels printed on the cheap. I did land at which i think was recommended by Martha.. they do a LOT more of winelabels…if you want variety of special event products this is the place…gift boxes, mint tins, package labels etc.. a nice site if you only need a handful of really special giftables, but not as inexpensive as one might wish. has spoiled the lot of us, now only do they have a wide variety of products they are dying to throw up your logo on, they are cheap as dirt. MyOwnLabel not so cheap. 1.16 PER label, 6 on a sheet…i would have expected it to be 1.16 per sheet…so i am going to dig a little deeper into the internet for wine bottle labels. I am scrolling through which looks a lot cheaper but i need to be able to upload our custom design. this may take a while.

Speaking of bottles…i have been using a nifty and relatively CHEAP site in SKS Bottle and no they don’t just sell bottles. Another friend of mine is busily shoving wolf fur into tiny little bottles for necklaces as well as Christmas balls. Scrolling through all the potential packaging options inspires you to think up ways to exploit all these empty and blank goodies..but alas i don’t make any lotions or hot sauces or lip glosses or wine . . . i wish i could. but like drawing i don’t have the skill.

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