Making things I don’t need : a reticule

My New Year’s Resolutions so far are…eat less…and make more. Unfinished projects are piling up around here. I’ve had a lot of vintage items on my to do list for no reason whatsoever, except that I keep finding how to instructions in the 19th century magazines I’ve been reading. After a terrible weekend I decided to take a goof off day and get one out of my system.

These are a couple of designs I used for inspirations, they have minimal instructions, as was the custom. In the 19th century Godey’s and Peterson’s expected their readers to know how to get the results with too much handholding.

I went with the 4 sided bag from De Gracieuse because it was easier to visualize.

I had an extra Cheerios Box in the recycling to donate to the cause. I can’t read the De Gracieuse, but the Godey’s is described as 4 inches along the bottom, so I went with that.

However I can’t see to embroider, so I had a clever idea to use a embroidered trim, which happened to be black, and have black beads, and I needed black thread. I really should have done a little light embroidery, it would have taken less time.

I had no idea how to attach the top to the bottom, so I just winged it by making a purse gathered at the bottom and then tacking it to the center of the bottom. Then just sewed around the edges of the velvet trim.

The list of things I want to get done isn’t enormous, but I’d like to draw a line under some of them. This is the sort of thing, where I’d like to see HOW they are made, more than I needed a reticule. On the whole it wouldn’t have been that fiddly for someone who happens to have the fabrics and embroidery skills. I might make it again if I find an already embroidered bottom.

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