making this all up

two green herons2
Two of the THREE green herons I got to see yesterday.

Today I passed the CPR course (my last certification was like 5 presidents ago) and became another volunteer with the Community Emergency Response Teams…so far i am not called upon to do anything more than that. But what the hell, I have all these excess free time that needs killing.

Yesterday I …was it yesterday? that seems so long ago….i went out at 5am birding.  A buddy of mine wanted to tag along so I ran around to 3 different walmarts to find her a vest.  (don’t get me wrong this is a real friend whom I love dearly, but i have been doing her editing for a year and now she’s been offered an asst editor job.  So for ten minutes I DID actually think about hiding her body in the swamp….)

But on the other hand it was so far my best birding day ever – 32 species PLUS …an immature bald eagle just hanging around the great blue heron rookery.  I figured out I don’t really want to Bird (big B) as in another bloody hobby I need to spend time and money feeding, I just want to know what’s living in the Sanctuary that is 9 blocks from my house. So far the guestimation is over 50+ species of birds – THAT ought to keep me busy birding (small B).

Later the conservation officer made me fill out a bunch of official endangered animal sighting forms.   Directly afterwards he and I went out and hiked half the rail trail, so we could discuss the trail design, or actually how to integrate the wild life sanctuary trails and the rail trail, so as not to piss of the birds, the animals or the people.   Basically I was out rowing and hiking until about 1PM and spent the rest of the day completely dead to the world.   Sooner or later people are going to figure out I am just making this all up as I go.


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