Mama's got a brand new bag. . .

I have a bag fetish…all my friends know this. I like bags the way Lucy liked hats, or Imelda liked shoes. If I am planning a new project I need a new container for it. Perhaps it will be a train case or a briefcase but picking or designing the new carry all is where I start. The one on the right is approximately the one I carry now, I think LLBean replaced mine with this one. I may have to take a drive up there and check it out. Today on NPR they did a report on a Bag maker Timbuk2 who did in my opinion, an extraordinary thing, they expanded their company’s profit sharing plan to their blue collar warehouse workers. Their unskilled employees received checks for about double their annual income. WTF? where is the Gordon Gekko mantra Greed is Good? How dare they practice random acts of senseless generosity? This is no way to practice uncheck capitalism!! How can Mark Dwight expect to throw his wife a pagan bacchanal on Sardinia with Vodka spouting from the penis of an ice sculpture in the shape of a bike messenger? This is no way to run an American company in this new 21st century gilded age!!
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