me love you long time

I’m in love…my copy of Dragon Dictation came in the mail today…it was on sale at amazon the other day. i”m not sure what it was priced at before the sale..but i think it got for less than $29. They probably have a new edition coming out in a few months and want to shovel all other old ones out of the warehouses. Whatever reason, it was on sale, and i bought it using money i really really should be sending to a utility company.

And boy is it worth every penny…it reputedly will do many things besides transcription…controlling the computer functions not withstanding…i bought this to speed up my transcriptions…and it does. I dictated about 20 pages tonight..and i will do the rest tomorrow…i’m getting better and it’s leaning what i sound like. well actually i cheat…i talk like a robot when i’m is supposed to be able to speak normally, but i’m reading stuff written 100 years ago, and i don’t want to keep stopping and correcting things. It’s remarkable. J’adore.    Now if they made something that sped up indexing, i’d probably be able to sleep at night,

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