meaner cleaner

Well so far the washing ‘machine’ came out well. I did a small load of unmentionables. Tossed them in with a smidgen of bleach, detergent and a half a bucket of water. The process is to close the Gamma Lid and then roll the bucket back and forth a few dozen times, it probably can be done with your feet while washing TV.  I changed the water twice and rolled the bucket to rinse them out. Then wrung them out and hung them to dry….well the socks i dried on top of the counter oven. It was a small load so I don’t know how it would work on anything large. I think it is ideal for no more than 1 pair of jeans or a couple of t-shirts. Anything more would need to be washing LONGER, as it is I ‘m thinking of adding another agitator or two (dog toys) and then putting it on Instructables.

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