meee so smucking fart sumtimes.

i finally found time…(IN THE WEE HOURS)
to play with illustrator….still can’t get it or photoshop woking on the laptop.
but i made these ads for the bullpen blog.

I am figuring on adding sponsor ads to the sidebar …ON TOP of the google ads.
but i don’t know what to charge…it’s like the same 200-300 people right now….
perhaps 5 bucks a month? more if i get more visitors? opinions anyone?

the ones on the left are hosted on comcast..the ones on the right on blogger.
i need to know if there is any difference in quality.
whenever possible i am loading an image onto a blank post in blogspot
then lifting the location and using it where i want.
it then uses up space on blogger somewhere…not on my comcast space anyway.

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