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“If the national mental illness of the United States is megalomania, that of Canada is paranoid schizophrenia.” – Margaret Atwood

stupid author tricks agoraphobe author Margaret Atwood has designed a telepresence book signing robot to avoid glad handing pesky fans. We also have some directions if you would like to build one of your own.

packrat Robert Giroux (91) the G of FS&G was cleaning his apartment and stumbled over 3,000 pages of documents from Thomas Merton who died in ’68. So he donated them to Bellarmine University where they will no doubt be misplaced for another 35 years.

ironic author of Fast Food Nation speaks at Rice. What? like i was gonna NOT post something that silly?

moronic British historian David Irving was sentenced to three years in prison for denying the Holocaust.

oh puhleese TN school district considers banning To Kill a Mockingbird.

ransom notes Remember those books that Russian Troops sort of borrowed from Hungary in 1945? and are just now offering to return? yeah well the thing of it is they want Hungary to pay $400,000 in storage fees to get them back…and get this…they Hungarians are PAYING it.

multi-media Roger Ebert compares the terrific hyper-film Crash to a Dickens novel.

speaking in rubles (no, i am not below punning).…here’s a nice little piece on Dostoyevsky and Russia 125 years on.

routine bypass NPR essayist Sarah Vowell is now a regular on NYT Times Select premium content (read: PAY-to-read) Monday’s Pessimism Deficit.

banktoaster is a fantabulous site to get free quality images for use in whathaveyou. Now us ADDers can change our wallpaper everyday.

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