Melbourne shopping trip

Dirt Cheap Books

In Melbourne there is this “bookshop” without a name. I think its name is “Dirt Cheap Books” because that’s what is on the top of their flyer, but don’t take my word for it. Its in the middle of a semi industrial area, next to a major road and not in a place where it is in any danger of attracting any passing pedestrian traffic. It is also only open on weekends between 10am – 4pm.

I was taken here by someone who had recently discovered it and who told me that everything there was $4.95. I had visions of piles of remaindered junk but also figured that at that price, it was worth a visit out of curiosity if nothing else.

There are a lot of remaindered Macmillan titles, but a wide range of other publishers are represented. The range of books is somewhat unpredictable, and they had enough Bridget Jones books to make my head spin, but for under $5 per book, I defy anyone to leave empty handed.

I ended up with ten items, including Beautiful Exile – The Life of Martha Gellhorn , The Men Who Stare At Goats’ , Black Box – David Warren and the creation of the cockpit voice recorder , Following Them Home – The fate of the returned asylum seekers, a couple of old issues of , and three back issues of a title I’d never seen in Australia, Brick – A Literary Journal.

The promotional material says that over 100 pallets of new stock arrive monthly, so if you live in Melbourne, regular visits are probably in order.
Dirt Cheap Books
222 Johnson St. (Cnr Hoddle St)
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