mercy buckets

You realize that the only reason i am still blogging is as an outlet for my variation of OCD right? I get fixated on something and have to draw a line under it before i can move ahead, regardless of how much undone work i have at hand.  –  (i just cut out 2 paragraphs itemizing all the things i haven’t accomplished – it just made me more depressed)

So i was researching graffiti removal kits..there seem to be two kinds…well can buy ‘kits’ from graffiti removal product vendors, which is just a selection of their products, some towns with more ambition than mine hand kits out to residents with a problem, usually containing 1 spray removal product, rags, brush and a coupon for discount paint..and then there are those obsessive compulsives… me. this guy from Philadelphia is my new personal hero.Look at that- an entire trunkfull of graffiti asskicking weaponry.

I had to go to Walmart to get cat food and Home Depot to get ‘stuff’ so i drop some money that should have gone to paying a bill or two on making a kit i can keep in the truck. (I DO have my eye on a mailbox in town with a tag on it, i just have to remember which one it is.)

Green Bucket – $4 walmart. Home Depot had white and orange. i thought green was nicer. walmart also had blue.
Black bucket cover. $1.50 – home depot, this cover goes on and off without taking your finger nails or needing tools. love it. I have my eye on a few more for the other buckets in my life.
Rags. $2 home depot, yeah i have more rags in my life to add to it. but i figured i’d start with some fresh ones.
Stanley Scrub brushes – $4.50 Walmart. very stiff brushes, we have a lot of Granite walls in town – i am surprised we dont have more tagging. I adore the large one the handle is solid, all my other ones are the other kind.
Stanley Flexible scraper $3 walmart, stickers. we have a lot bigger sticker problem here. stores hand them out and kids spread the love.
Spray bottles$2 Home depot, one has water for washing the surface after cleaning.
Mineral spirits $3 I put it in the spray bottle, it helps with the sticker removal and washing the surface after you clean off the graffiti.
Goof Off spray solvent graffiti remover$7 Home Depot, It was the only solvent based one they had on the shelf. but from the look of what’s in that guys trunk, i may have to get another bucket.
NonSolvent graffiti remover $5 walmart, home depot had one too. the nonsolvent ones seem to be popular, i don’t know how efficient they are..yet. But i’d rather have a selection.
Not pictures are some heavy duty gloves that i already keep handy.

there are some stickers and spray paint out on the rail trail where i am going to take this kit for a walkabout next time i get 5 minutes free. But i just wasted my last free 5 minutes here talking to you.

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