midnight booty

One of the pieces i picked up last night…a lot of local events were scheduled for yesterday…while i was working on the Animal Rescue benefit…the 1st church was having this donated furniture yardsale… at the end of the day, they push the unclaimed onto the curb…i passed by it a couple of times after 11, whilst i was driving to all the corners of town looking for a couple of cans of dog food (i really couldn’t go home without dog food). I had seen people picking through and i finally gave in and stopped – THIS IS THE BENEFIT OF DRIVING A TRUCK. Besides the lamp I took a couple of stable dining chairs which i didn’t need, but i can use in a pinch. The lamp is an easy fix it has a broken bulb in it. I need to replace the floor lamp i have been abusing for years…or rather just take it out of rotation so i can take it apart and rewire and refinish it. waste not want not.

The monster in the picture is apparently a 300+ dollar Bellini High Changer.. a piece of baby furniture which is supposed to masquerade as a dresser while there is a nifty slide out shelf for changing babies. Technically think

it not an improvement on the traditional cage frame waist high sort that out mothers used, but it WEIGHS A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT. aside from the backboard it is solid wood. From what i can research online it is complete. Though i need a couple of shelf pins to install the extra shelf.

WHY you ask, do i WANT such a thing, when my goal was to get RID of more things? and I JUST got rid of my crappy workbench?..well it has some nice drawers and i had been thinking about such a unit to store my camera equipment. right now they are all shoved into camera bags and hanging off hooks. This will let me break it all down and store it. WHICH will help me decide which pieces to sell. And when i am done with this piece I can always Craigslist it. and HEY it was FREE. Now if it had a roll top front..hmmm…how do you make that?

It is replacing a bookcase of approximately the same size. this is a foot higher, but i could still put the smaller bookcase above. and YES i needed that bookcase..i need the other one too but it’s now elsewhere.
This is the pile that came out of the small bookcase and part of the other one…it puts me in mind to tackle culling with a more organized method. stay tuned for another tumbler blog that will appear on the menu.

This is one corner of the bedroom…there hasn’t been any furniture in this room that wasn’t a bookcase of a bed in 15 years. the drawers will be an interesting change.

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