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Pens for Kids.com

“The goal of Pens for Kids is to get pens to kids in Africa to assist them with getting an education. Started in 2002 by a Danish tourist named Claus Hjomet who, like most who visit Kenya and Tanzania, fell in love with Africa it has no employees and relies solely on donations of pens, postage and monetary contributions for postage. Pens for Kids remains free of any political or religious influence, motives of economical or any interests other than helping kids in Africa to get an education.”

Take a look in your desk drawer… half full of pens, right? How about your “junk” drawer, glove box, garage workbench, briefcase or purse? You probably have a few dozen extra pens. Don’t like the way a pen writes – don’t throw it away! Take all of the pens you find and send them to Pens For Kids; send them to Africa. It’s that simple.

How to donate Pens for Kids.

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