Someday very soon I am moving Sicpress.com from godaddy hosting to bookstorekit.com which is a project from Propay my credit card processor. …and i am very excited about it. Godaddy has a whole ecommerce arm, but i was not about to take on another monthly charge…nothing’s free right? especially since i would still have my propay account and its attendant yearly fee anyway…long story short…. it will be a self contained database, ecommerce, store front basket, card processing…for barely more than i am paying them now. < insert backflip here >

All other websites will remain the same…oddly i was running about 4 non profit websites along with this diatribe under Sicpress.com for no extra money. NOW…i will be PAYING for this as well as the others…yes it is the same fee i am paying now..nothing has changed…but i really should make all this stuff earn its keep. don’t ya think?

I will probably work on the migration between Christmas and New Years when no one buys anything anyway. using the whole database thing, i can insert the books and repair products as they become available…come to think of it…i need to get cracking on publishing more books for 2013..at LEAST 12 titles..if not more.

Aside from publishing more books in 2013 and producing some kindle articles… i have another project that is percolating back in my skull… IF this new migration goes well… i am thinking of setting up a site that vends LOCAL merchandise…all the books about the Merrimack Valley that are available and perhaps expanding into merchandise from local vendors. its just an idea..i need to feed it and kick it around the room and see if it survives.

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