mikey, likes it

SO i started buying myself Birthday/Christmas gifts…i wouldn’t say it was earlier than other years..i am just not rationalizing it as much as other years. YES i wanted that wallety thing…and yes i wanted this Iphone accessory Blue Microphone’s Mikey 2. I have wanted it for about 6 months but i couldn’t rationalize it, i didn’t have any plans to make any recordings more complicated than the ones the iphone can do now. But I have new Years plans with a buddy of mine to do some mischievous local podcasts and well it IS i can spend that for gas just doing dump runs. When it gets here i will have to start doping out all the rules for getting podcasts from the phone to the internet, so that should be interesting as all get out. Don’t worry there are still a lot of Iphone accessories i don’t have..there’s a sphygmomanometer one out there too.

ed. turns out that all the descriptions of this item fail to list WHICH iphones it fits on and which it doesn’t. it didn’t fit on mine. i’m bumming…i wanted it. but i have an eye on a different one, stay tuned.

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