mind your data

Slow day at salt mine, The PC has been running wonky lately. And running all the registry cleaners in the world isn’t going to make any difference. Old news to Windows users is that every few years the operating system becomes corrupted and needs to be purged. It’s just the half assed way that Windows was designed. So, today I offloaded anything of serious value from the hard drive and created a thumb drive with all my set-up files. The plan is to wipe the hard drive and reload the operating system. Back in the bad old days, I used to backup my data, to discs or tapes or zip drives, but for the past decade I have been running with 2 hard drives, one for the applications and one for archived datafiles. Every time I buy a larger hard drive, I just have the old one shunted over to the spare drive slot. Either it’s the frugal yankee soul or the cheapass bookseller I can’t tell which. I never could stand throwing away a perfect good hard drive. As a reward I went to the mall to buy film and ended up strolling ’round the place, and remembering why I hate them: they are just hamster wheels filled bored and badly dressed families of mallrats.

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