here you go. to all those folks who depend on books with ISBNs
a scanner the size of well..a cellphone.


“Take it to where your stuff is, scan up to 250 barcodes, and return to your computer to download the list. Intelliscanner Mini includes software to manage your wine collection, home inventory, groceries, books, cds, dvds, and even comic books! Not only does it maintain your lists, it will keep track of your lending, so if Phil borrowed your copy of Casino Royale, you can be damn sure he’ll give it back. Stupid Phil. What’s more, the grocery manager not only helps you track the contents of your pantry, but also helps you build shopping lists. Just scan your stuff as you use it up, plug it in when you’re headed out to the store, and Intelliscanner will make your shopping list automatically! How freaking cool is that?

I have a serious problem with the 250 bar code limit, but eventually they will incorporate that facility into he iphone or something..they always do.

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