Miss Behavior.

Nearly none of the machines in my house are behaving as they are supposed to. I miss my laptop terribly, aside from the shocking power cord incident, it is out getting its sixth keyboard installed – i am bad on keyboards. The PC is still buggy, though i have run about 9 anti-virus programs and more utilities to speed it up…but for some reason Firefox 3.5.5 runs like me carrying luggage up flights of stairs. test driving browsers that don’t have your cookies in them is a pain in the arse making it slow work no matter which one I use.

I had half a day to myself today which I used frivolously to clean litter boxes and do laundry. And speaking of laundry, I gotta pop into the thrift store and buy more grownup clothes. I start running a crew for the census on Monday and when I tell them business casual, it basically rules out everything I own. I really really need a netbook, being away from my email for 8-12 hours a day is hideous, I can’t imagine how people do it. But at all costs I will be catering my lifestyle around this straight job for the next few weeks. Baby needs a new pair of shoes…and some socks, and underwear and every other damn thing. It seems people want me to trade small green pieces of paper for the things I need and one must actually WORK for someone else to acquire these green pieces of paper. This will make a change.

MethuenCommon is cranking along nicely..not generating any money but not actually costing me anything but time. Which is more than I can say for my other projects. The one thing I can actually say is that it does get me out of the house more. I spend a lot of time reading bulletin boards and utility poles. Speaking of events, I am going to try…i said TRY, to get up to the Portland Book Fair this Sunday. Yes I still pretend to be in the book business..but the pretense stops at the high water mark if you know what I mean. Aside from listing book repair products and books online, you can’t actually make people BUY anything at least not from concentrating really hard..i know I have tried.

So after I spend some time packing the few orders that I have lying around, I will get in my something borrowed truck and toodle up the coast for my one and only Grand Day Out…truth is I am still not going for the books, I am going to Portland for the Food. My buddies at Rabelais got an honorable mention from the folks at the New York Times Food Section…along with all the other foodies in Down East Maine. If I don’t get me some ginger molasses cake really soon, I’m gonna throw a tantrum.

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