missing an oar

Rowboatthis is why i need to clean up the mess.   i am finding books i forgot i had. hell, i found a book i was in the middle of reading when several others got put on top of it.

A small collection of Sam LLewelln’s funny boating magazine pieces called The Minimum Boat. the more of this type of thing i read the more I scan the dinghy ads in craigslist.

On the Water, discovering American in a Rowboat by Nathanial Stone (yes i know I said i couldn’t find any US books about Rowing, i lied) Stone is a serious rower and he set off for a six thousand mile tour around the eastern US. Entirely readable, i just need to finish it you can’t row and read. it’s a definite drawback.

themeadowlandsAlso in that pile is Robert Sullivan’s study of the urban wilderness that is the Meadowlands a lot more involved than my study of the local woodlands but enough to inspire. Sullivan is also the author of that great book on rats called shockingly RATS, observations on the history & habitat of the city’s most unwanted inhabitants. I am partial to this sort of pop non-fiction title. The weirder the better. I have more of that sort of thing in the bookcases.

I also have this little item which I haven’t finished but tend to read in great chunks. Attention All Shipping a Journey round the Shipping forecast by Christopher Connelly. Another book i saw for a penny and couldn’t resist. As you an guess it’s an ejoyable travelogue where Connelly circumnavigates the British Isles visiting all the points mentioned in the shipping forecasts…yes those 4 times a day cryptic announcements of weather intended for ships. Important to an island nation meaningless to someone landlocked in the US. Our nearest equivalent is the traffic report.

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