mixed bag

Christmas is a mixed bag. Literally…tumbled in with all the good wishes, generosity and self indulgences are horrible things that make you go cold in the intestines. After 32 years of driving, I hit another car with my car…I drive a big ugly red faded to pink pickup…lacking only the stereotypical gun rack..and to be fair I had been backing up on an icy driveway and technically SLID into the fender of what can only be described as a ‘toy car’ the kind fashionable with new car buyers as a compromised between a REAL car and a moped. The irony is that I had spread all the leftover salt/sand from 2009 and was heading out to dig up another 300 pounds when I slid into my tenant’s unoccupied vehicle. I guess that is what car insurance is actually FOR, needless to say, my truck suffered not at all, the accident may have actually scraped away some of the exposed rust.

On the bright side, I did finally hang up the Christmas decorations for the tenants as well as supplied a bowl or two of candy, the carnival glass candy bowl left by my ersatz grandmother which I usually put out is missing, I suspect that a tenant’s guest may have walked out the door with it last year and I didn’t notice. This year I used a couple of lead glass pieces left from my mother – perhaps this is the ideal way to divest myself or dustible items.

As I sit here wallowing in bottomless self satisfaction at how i have managed to skate through another year without being discovered as a pre-teen masquerading as an adult, one of the few local restaurants has burned to the ground, ruining the holiday for not just the owners, the employees and the patrons but for the city as a whole. Everytime an independent restaurant dies a strip mall gains a Dennys.

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