möbius was right

K, so if you send your facebook posts to Google+ and send those posts to twitter and send your tweets to Tumblr and then send your Tumblr posts to Facebook…will the earth open up and swallow you or does your head just explode? Well IFTT.com is a tool to find out. I spent a few hours playing with it, trying to get the internet to eat its tail. It’s like a switching station, you log into all your sharing sites..and then decide what you want to happen when something else happens. Ferinstance, that microblog link on the top of the page…see it now? is now a catch all of my tweets, facebook posts, Google Reader finds and flickr images… because Facebook posts now get tweeted and anything tweeted goes to the tumblr blog. it’s all very confusing, but i spent a year trying to find some way to send facebook posts to twitter so this is awesome. Granted it is all quite presumptuous since nothing i post on the net is anything more than mildly amusing. I can now imagine the entire internet being clogged with LOL Cats all simultaneously appearing everywhere at the same time. Iftt then else.

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