moby on my desk
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Bookstore cat available, will deliver within 300 miles. This is MOBY, he was rescued a few weeks ago. He has been living in the woods where he was abandoned by his owner three years ago. He is BIG at 15 lbs, twice the size of a normal cat but not as ponderous as a Maine Coon Cat. But Moby is tall, when he stretches his paws are higher than a door knob. He is so laid back that he spends a lot of his day curled up on the packing material in front of a window in my office. When Moby attends the adoption days, he generally sits high on a shelf and watches the people very unimpressed. But he is he center of attention people come across the store to scratch the head of the gigantic cat. He is fixed with all his shots and a microchip, and would make a superlative bookstore cat. Email for more information

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