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I lost a day in there somewhere, not sure which one. I spent all day Saturday thinking it was Friday, not that there is much difference for me, but its nice to keep track of these things. Of course when i DID go out to check the mail, i found this waiting for me….at least it had a note. The kitten inside is too old to socialize UNLESS, its the only cat you have to work with and even then, it will never be a cat someone will adopt on purpose. The best and only thing i can do for it, is fix it and put it back in the yard where it was trapped. They will continue to feed it, but right now they are trying to trap its mother and sibling. They better get it done before next Monday which is a clinic day for me, i will get it fixed and then it goes back. the Damn thing has screamed every night for three days. Causing me to wake with a migraine.

1441424_10152167510270312_362306630_n I am making headway with the other two borders, Buttons is very social right now, though her brother Inky is only hand tamed, if you put him on the ground he finds himself a hideyhole for the rest of the day. On the bright side some friends in Maine are looking to adopt them, which will be quite nice.

I will probably have to borrow a car to deliver them as my transmission is giving me grief, which leads me back to the ‘why isn’t my house up for sale yet’ part of my rant. While one of the voices in my head is still bundled up under a duvet refusing to come out until there is a status change, I had been keeping the other one busy with a puzzle of how to juggle cats to keep a small house guest ready on a long term basis, it still has no answer which tells me there is something fundamentally wrong with the question. Until today.

Yes i am finally enjoying the odd hot shower and a median room temperature that isn’t unbearable, but i still have other bills to pay and the truck will need some attention… i need to get the damn house on the market. Which means i need to get Himself to stop dicking around with my life. If he wants to fuck around and spend money, he shouldn’t be wasting it inside apartments but working on updating the smoke detectors and other general quick fixes. So the louder of the two voices has been writing an email to Himself…CCd to the lawyer of course.

1395967_10152167503090312_393965444_n The bitch of it is, that i don’t WANT to go ranting at that bastard, he’s a whiney bitch who will always find someway to diminish and belittle me for my ideas, and as anyone knows arguing with a stupid person is futile. What i fear is that he will use my objections to continue this stalling pattern. Fuck , i don’t know what will happen, i can only say it wont be good and i can only hope it will be forward momentum. At least SOME momentum will be a change.

1463951_10152169736630312_1841375439_nMeanwhile i still can’t hear well out of the right side of my head and it does make me prone to want to nap more. A head cold has settled in nicely, and I have already eaten all the drugs in the house and need to wait until the bills are paid before i buy anymore. i did run out for a very tall coffee which i can split into about 4 mochas..its either that of keep napping.

And just when i have rolled myself up in a nice fat duvet of self pity i saw a spanish kid selling papers in front of the coffee shop with his hands jammed in his pants. So i gave him my fingerless work gloves, all the better to make change with. I had another pair in my backpack i use for rowing. But i am getting sick to my ass of seeing these kids peddling papers and NOT having proper winter clothing. What the fuck is wrong with these hispanics…and yes i am becoming more biased as i get older…these are 2nd and 3rd generation folk and i NEVER see their kids in proper New England clothing. White kids on the other hand are usually dressed appropriately for the weather EXCEPT for teenage girls who never dress for the cold, regardless of their culture. But that kid will probably work longer and harder today than i will. All i will get done as some fiddly inventory packaging and laundry, what the fuck do i have to complain about?

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