monday muses

birthday girl • Beverly Cleary is turning 90, NPR has an interview with our ‘dame’ Cleary

outloud • Caroline Kennedy is making the rounds hawking a book of poems that parents shoudl be reading with their kids. yeah right.

essay • the Guardian muses on

events • Dublin is planning a big todo for the occassion of Beckett’s 100th birthday. if i’m not mistaken Dublin has a LOT of author’s 100 b’days coming around on the calendar – tourism industry must be in heaven.

90% of everything •
have a company you want to promote? write a book, or rather hire someone to write a book.

rage against the machine J.M. Coetzee has suggested universities should be educating students in the history of arts, music and humanities rather than just equipping them with the skills to write creative prose and play music.

off the rack • lessee – first the Holy Blood Holy Grail boys say that Danny Boy lifted their idea for a little Jesus/Mary Magdalene hanky panky from their book, now with their latest book they say that Jesus and Judas were like this|| …..which may leave Morely Callaghan author of 1983’s Time For Judas something to sue about.

obit worth reading • Henry Farrell, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? writer.

yay for me . . . my laptop is back from the shop . . . of course they couldn’t find what was making it not work, but it’s not doing what it was doing, so we are up for the moment. – but in other laptop news..apparently laptop robberies are catching on . . . well in SF anyway.

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