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I did get around to making a couple more videos . . . . actually I intend to redo some of the early ones which were shot with that very bad toy camcorder.

This is a demonstration of Absorene Book and Paper Cleaner – it’s somewhere between Playdough and Sillyputty. You mush it with your fingers until it’s soft then rub it gently on the document, the dirty parts flake off then you brush them away.

• Here’s another example of the Document Cleaning Pad Demonstration

• and another shot of the Dusting Brush in action, I was kinda shocked to find that this book has a gilt top edge – I had just shoved it on a shelf after I used it as a binding exercise 15 years ago.

• and here’s an application of Triple Crown Leather Dressing, its mostly neats foot oil, beeswax and microwax, but it does a swell job on even my bad binding.

scratch covering with Meltonian Shoe Cream – I am still casting around for the MSD sheet on this item. But so far it is not like ‘shoe polish’ at all, it’s creamy like womens makeup. I have had requests for this it and recommendations, so SOMEONE out there isn’t worried about it. And I think for moderately priced books its quite serviceable.

• and Lexol-pH Leather Cleaner – a nice glycerin Leather ‘soap’ very gentle at lifting dirt out of embossed leather – I think I like this best of all my new toys.

please stay tuned to Bullpen TV for more repair videos.

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