I broke my mouse button…its trackball bearings were wearing too…it needs to be refurbished…btw if you look up this particular microsoft mouse you will see it sells unused for close to $500 and refurbished $150 and up – no lie.

There are folks on ebay who will refurbish them…and that’s what i am going to have to do…but even that is $50 i don’t have. but if i did have it, i’d do it. As a matter of fact i have a second one somewhere ready to mail. i used to have a third and i THINK i was so idiotic i threw it away…hmm..i may have kept the ball..if i find it, i could sell it and then pay for fixing one of these…

WHY would anyone pay $500 dollars for an OLD design of a trackball mouse? …have you ever had a pinched nerve in your shoulder? the kind that comes from using a bad design mouse in an uncomfortable position? the pain shoots from your middle finger up your arm around your funny bone an ends up in the back of your shoulderblade …as if someone stuck an electric needle into your body. THAT’s why i would easily pay $500 for a mouse if i had it.

This was an awesome five button design…you have two buttons on the left, two on the right and the wheel under your thumb is another button…then there is a track ball under your index finger. It was freaking awesome design. i wish i was brave enough to take mine apart and fix it…but even if i did pull the bearings out…the damn ball bearings are the bad part..they wear down to resemble tiny D&D dice….i would have no source to get new ones the right size…so $50 bucks for the refurb it is.

Now i have to wait for folks to buy something so i can replace my mouse so i can get some more work done. in the meantime i will move stuff to the harddrive and then do the work on the laptop.

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