moveable feast

the Bookshelf blog, you know the one that chronicles all the impossible variations on the simplest of devices, has plugged the Makeshift Lab’s ‘Book Case’ a temporary public reading room that consists of one or two suitcases. “Its collection consists solely of material that can be read in a single sitting – zines, anthologies, essay collections, short stories, poetry etc. – and changes according to each new location it appears in.”

For some reason I am fascinated by this simple little concept. I keep picturing the Victorians who traveled the earth with a full china tea service and folding chairs and tables in order to have a picnic “al fresco”.

This portable library just screams to be created. I know I have a small hardshell travel case under the bed. I can’t say when I would have the opportunity to whip it out in public and share a read. But I am just thinking of the lovely time I could have just selecting the titles to put in it.

Lets see, the Portable Dorthy Parker of course, and the Indispensible Woolcott, the Everyman’s Robert Frost, Thurber Carnival…hmm this could be lovely fun. What would YOU put inside?

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