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Tired, now – I schlepped ten 5 gallon buckets of spreading sand from the town yard, and then hammered out a webpage for my mechanic so I can get a substantial discount on my head gasket, I tried sleeping with one once and it resulted in a very small discount among other things. And yes that dog sculpture is on my granite steps – just like that.

Calendar •
1706 – Benjamin Franklin is born Boston MA (d.1790)

1771 – Charles Brockden Browne, the first American novelist, was born on this day in Philadelphia. Wieland, or The Transformation, a Gothic tale, was published in 1798.

1775 – Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s play The Rivals was first performed, introducing to the world the comic character Mrs. Malaprop, who used words wrong: “forget this fellow-illiterate him from memory.”

1820 –
Anne Brontë was born (d. 1849)

1860 –
Anton Chekhov is born (d. 1904)

1904 – Anton Chekhov’s Cherry Orchard opens at Moscow Art Theater

site to see • Now THIS is beyond cool. University of Alabama has this kick ass site dedicated to Publisher’s Bindings 1815-1930.

i kid you not • CIA and British Intelligence agents forced a passenger plane to land in Malta in 1957, to go on board and steal the manuscript of the banned Russian novel ‘Dr Zhivago’, which was subsequently published and awarded a Nobel Prize. [via the Book Guide UK]

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