much to be said for misanthropy

My router has died. So I am not logging as much online time as I am accustomed, it has taken me 20 minutes to upload this.

Sometimes i don’t think it’s a good idea for me to blog when i have nothing much good to say about humans. Sales of books or anything else have basically dried up for the summer. I manage to sell a refurbed bicycle now and then to keep the lights on, but with all this bloody rain (even the Boston Globe has provided Ark building instructions) the enthusiasm for cycling has waned.

My mother is bouncing back and forth between ICU and her room, seems she got an infection from all the needle pokes. And apparently my truck’s alternator has decided to wait out the deluge, so unless i want to ride a bike in the rain, I don’t get to spend much time force feeding her hospital jello.

The entire universe is wet. I spent most of the last sunny day sitting in a parking lot by the river throwing bits of McDonald’s Cheeseburgers to a miniature pinscher someone had discarded. It had been robbing our cat feeding stations. After about 3 hours in the sun it finally relaxed long enough to let me scoop it up but it looks like the Animal Control Officer’s kids have taken a shine to it.

Today’s exciting email was from a ‘customer’ who thought I should have pulled the entire run of my book on book repair because one of the links in the addendum was now no longer valid. I offered a full refund, but and she continued to complain about couple of typos she found as well. I finally just asked her if she was stupid. I hope she did a spit take and spewed chunks over her keyboard. One takes the little joys in life where one finds them.

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  1. TC Byrd July 3, 2009 at 4:18 pm #

    Sounds like you need a change of scene for a minute if that is possible. We could switch places! We have had 95+ temps (often into 100+ for a week at a time) for 25 days in a row and going on our 32nd day of zero rain here where I am. I would kill for a downpour.

    Sales suck. People suck worse. I commiserate.

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