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2014-03-29 02.53.23 My Wipebook arrived the other day… was a kickstarter I bought into last year. Basically a notebook made of whiteboard type cardstock. I thought it was a brilliant idea for people like me who make notes and such, but i can save a lot of paper with it. Scribble what i want to scribble and then shoot it with the iphone and then erase it. It was shipped with a Staedtler Correctable Pen, which is a marker that can be removed with the felt eraser but i don’t like the sharp tip, i think it makes dents in the cardstock. Dry Eraser markers work fine, but of course they will smudge with a sharp glance. So far its worked as described on the tin. I can scribble my ideas for the new house, or a list of all the programs on my computer before we replaced the hard drive. Then wipe it away and start over. clever huh?

2014-04-02 11.38.47

Scribbling ideaas for the new house was something i had put off until recently, and even now, this is the only one. I need to distance myself from my desires. The new information is that the house has not only changed hands from one bank to another, but has been transfered to HUD. I have no idea when I will be able to put an offer on it. I am sure the broker in Maine is sick of me as I am sure my broker here is sick of the entire process. Both she and my lawyer keep telling me to now worry, but how can i not? of everyone involved i am the only person whose life will be uprooted. I dred remaining here as a tenant, but seriously not as much as i would regret moving elsewhere as a tenant.. God knows no one would rent to me, not with the roommates, even the oness i will admit to. I certainly wouldn’t rent to me. Lately i have priced everything from storage spaces to house rentals. If i move to main and rent a house, i will be out the rent on the house, a lot of security deposit AND a storage space for what doesnt fit in the house. If i stay here, i may end up at odds, with the new owner and i’d hate to even up getting ‘evicted’ , i have one more choice which is awful and terrible…i have a room at a friends house in NH, but that means everything goes in a storage unit, and i have to figure out how to keep sicpress up and running while living in one room with all my roommates….yeah i know kill me now.

But not matter which choice i make, i need to further divest myself, so that i am moving the minimum amount of crap. There really isn’t much i can do about the work room in the basement. The steel shelving down there is worth more than money. It’s hard to replace. If i had to break it down and store it, i would have to bring all the products and packaging into the apartment. Tricky, but doable. I would have to move the office back into the living room and fix the lock on the office door. It’s all a lot of work. But if i could have just gotten my offer in on that goddamn house before it changed hands the last time. damn it.

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