my man in mumbai

So, i hired a guy in india….technically i hired two guys…one guy was referred to me by my friend who’s getting me involved with editing online courses…anyway….it was a long internal struggle ..i could hear my mother chastizing me about paying someone to do what i can damn well do for myself..yeah that lasted about a week..and didn’t i enjoy having HER in my head louder than normal…in order to speed up my publishing empire…i’m not a speedy editor, it takes me a week or so to do what he can do in a few hours.  Summit’s sitting at a desk on the other side of the world.  He’s not getting interrupted 19 times by cats breaking things, phones ringing calling me elsewhere, scrambling around to get enough cat food for the next storm, and so forth

At least that’s the way it’s supposed to go, and it’s actually working out well so far.  I do have to pay the fella for the work, instead of working for nothing like I do….but its a far less amount than i would have to pay someone in the US to do far less work.   Do we really want to go there?  so now my next chore is to rearrange my dance card, so that i produce something profitable, something that will sell outside of the merrimack valley, something that may sell online even if it’s just a few…a few books selling a few apiece should add up to a pot to pee in.

First up i have him converting the OCR’d text of an obscure 1856 essay about a Salem trading vessel take n over by pirates.  PIRATES..gotta come up with an excellent title using the word PIRATES.  My plan is to send sample copies to likely museums and venues along with a wholesale code so they can log into Sicpress and order them off the website at 50% off.  But that actually means i have to FIX my website…..which brings us to the Second guy i hired in India.

Before I hired the guy who knew a guy, i went poking around the internet and there’s a lot of brokering companies out there farming out Indian computer labor.  Considering there’s two layers of managers before i get to the guy who’s ACTUALLY fixing my website, i figure that guy’s not getting very much in the end.   But the guy who’s doing my text files didnt know anything about wordpress.

The whole wordpress thing has been weighing on my mind for a while now.  like any other software, i know just enough to be dangerous.  I set up the site  and installed the Ecommerce plugin, but never could get it to work.   I sent a list of features i’d like Sicpress to have,  basket, shipping, payments, wholesale coupons etc… turns out i never did install the correct wordpress ecommerce theme.  Which makes perfect sense, cept now i have to buy the them and guy #2 will install it and get it to work.    I’m very jazzed about this, once i buy the theme, i can add it to other domains and websites i own….i hope.   A buddy of mine and I had been tossing around the concept of a local products website…and this will be another step towards THAT project too.   So in the end it is all connected…to the other side of the world.




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