naps are good

I feel like one of those over scheduled toddlers who nod off in the back seat while driving between playdates. Tromping around the city for the US Census is doing my glutes and thighs good, but my knees are having none of it. I miss my bicycle. When and IF i get back to the house, it is usually to clean and sleep, or to pass out in a puddle of what could be mistaken for sleep.

Gave a podcast interview for the Rail Trail project, for anyone who wants to know what I sound like. Next month I get interviewed..wait no THIS month, I get interviewed by 2 shows on the Methuen cable tv station. You know i must WANT this trail cause I really hate being photographed.

I seem to be ‘On-Call’ for cat rescues as always, but the seem to be happening back to back. Like the one up a tree…not that is not me, that is one of the drunken tree guys we paid to rescue an orange tabby. (now named Kittyhawk) Today i have to run out and check on an empty house. Rumor has it they evicted some folks and just tossed their cats outside – not surprising. Yesterday I got to tear a fiberglas boat apart with a crowbar looking for a batch of kittens.

Orders are slowly coming in for the new book, thanks to anyone who ordered one. it seems offering all the repairs in one book does not stop people from writing in asking me to email them the contents. That book is about the only thing I have finished lately. I have a couple of stacks of books sitting here on the edge of the desk, waiting for cataloging, mocking me. Also mocking me are some additional webpages for new products and 4 unfinished editing projects.

Ah yes, I remember when all I had time for was to zip off to buy books somewhere on the weekends, but for now I need to keep the green stuff flowing in so i can cover the retailing losses. Scuse me I have to deliver 200 pounds of cat food and buy some socks.

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