National Chocolate Eclair Day*

this is getting wierd, every computer i have touched in 3 days has crashed. it’s kinda terrifying.

1633 – The Holy Office in Rome forces Galileo Galilei to recant his scientific view that the Sun, not the Earth, is the center of the Universe.

1978 – Charon, a satellite of the planet Pluto, is discovered.

birthday boys •
1856 –
H. Rider Haggard, English author (d. 1925)
1898 – Erich Maria Remarque, German writer (d. 1970)
1964 – Dan Brown, American author

birthday girls •
1906 –
Anne Morrow Lindbergh, American author and pilot (d. 2001)
1947 – Octavia Butler, American author (d. 2006)

toys • from Cool Tools blog Dragon Naturally Speaking 8

suiting up • the ACLU is taking up arms against the Miami-Dade School district’s library purge. Vamos a abogados!!

mitzvah • Hawai student book drive nets 1,000 books for Molokai, public library and six elementary schools.

cookies •
Six authors have made the shortlist for the annual Canadian First Novel Award.

better late • the Porter County, IL Public Library rescinded its policy limiting borrowing privileges to homeless people.

event •
Literaries Chuck Palahniuk, Erik Larson, Mary Gaitskill, Sean Wilsey, Greil Marcus, Michelle Tea, Ben Fong-Torres, Alison Bechdel, Charles D’Ambrosio, Gary Shteyngar have all been added to Seattle’s Bumbershoot Urban Arts festival. Sept 2-4.

banktoaster • Polyglot 3000 is an automatic language identifier that quickly recognizes the language of any text, phrase or even single words.

* now THAT I can get behind! recipe

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