National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

bad day at the bloggers . . .i have actually been trying to post all day, but blogger has been up and down . . . mostly down.

birthday girl • 1943Nikki Giovanni, American poet

talking head • the Guardian gives us an interview with Lemony Snicket . . . oops, I mean Daniel Handler

polling • the Book Magazine (UK) has taken a poll and you guessed it J.K Rowling has topped the list of the 20 best living British Writers : (big surprised, not)

10 of the top 20
1 JK Rowling

2 Terry Pratchett
3 Ian McEwan

4 Salman Rushdie
5 Kazuo Ishiguro
6 Philip Pullman
7 Harold Pinter
8 Nick Hornby
9 AS Byatt
=10 Jonathan Coe
=10 John Le Carre

site to be seen • Internet browsers have been trolling for a book versio of the for years now . . . perhaps The Internet Book List will be it. in from Becky Palmer @Booksallover Louisiana

worth reading • from the Globe and Mail, James Adams ponders the health of the book in Canada and whether the book is really truly not dead, or not.

banktoaster • Perhaps using an image of your email address will keep spiders from picking your email address off your site – this site will generate one for you. in from Edwin “Win” Schaeffer

banktoaster • here’s a little test of pronounciation, to tell whether you are a yankee or a rebel at heart. Having been in New England since I was a small child, I am now only 16% Dixie.

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