National Dance Like a Chicken Day*

* I swear these exist somewhere . . . if perhaps only in kindergartens.

event • The University of Michigan’s Library Conservation and Preservation Lab, held an open house as part of this week’s annual book festival with demonstrations on on restoration and repair.

rare sighting • Reclusive Leonard Cohen made a rare public appearance to promote his first book in 22 years, which may recoup some of the money stolen by his former manage

worth reading • from the LATimes we have a piece on collecting & collectors of Holy Cards who knew?

worth a try • I spoke to a young Kansas fella last night, Vitali Malinouski who has written a new internet site: It’s rather simple in concept, for those internet sellers who don’t already have a website or storefront of their own, Booksupply will ‘supply’ you with one. Sales are transacted via your own paypal account so there aren’t any credit card numbers floating around. And if I did the math right its fees are lower than those associated with other sites, and are only collected via paypal when books get sold, so start up is free. I would classifiy it as a utility rather than a service, and, hell it’s worth a shot, anything is – Internet booksellers need to cultivate their own clientele and not be tied to any of AAA’s (amazon, alibris, abebooks) apron strings.

super duper shopping • the Groups of strangers interested in the same item meet at a designated store and haggle until they get a group rate. I have serious doubts that this would work in the US, if a group of anything showed up at a chain store, say Barnes & Noble or Target, I am certain there would soon be a police presence. Besides Americans don’t haggle well and store managers tend to be scared of mobs.

distopia watch • Children’s book author Patricia Polacco may have been dropped as a speaker for an international reading conference because of her criticism of the No Child Left Behind Act.

1842 • Alfred, Lord Tennyson, publishes his popular volume Poems

banktoaster •
since I am on a sewing kick…here’s some instructions on how to make a “bookbag” type tote, for those so inclined….and if that really inspirs you, here’s an archive of more bag patterns.

blogfront • apparently over in (yes, Virginia there is word called ‘litbog’) there is a big brouhaha about scads of book publicisits sending free books and cans of spam to get the litbloggers (another word I learned today) to read and promote their books. Thank god I don’t have THAT problem. 8) Seriously these guys are a pack of whiners. You get spam you delete it, you get an unrequested review copy you give it away of use it to shore up an uneven table leg. These publicists gotta know they are fishing in the dark, if they don’t they suck at their job. Anyway if ya’ll want to waste your days and nights reading about ‘new books’ there is a roundup of LitBlogs over at the LitBlog Co-op. Come to think of it, I have never read about a Payola scandal involving books, perhaps its part and parcel of the business. I know I’d flog anything for a money, god knows I have no soul, I sold it on ebay back in ’98. Hmm . . . I wonder if the phrase BookWhore is taken?

banktoaster • the Probert Encyclopedia provides us with an online Slang Dictionary. Generally I have been using the Urban Dictionary when I come up with a new phrase I don’t quite comprehend.

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