National Ding-A-Ling Day*

* now WHAT the hell does that mean?

birthday •
1821 – Gustave Flaubert, French writer (d. 1880)
1929 – John Osborne is born (d.1994)

calendar •
1603 –In his last recorded appearance on stage, William Shakespeare appears in Ben Jonson’s Sejanus.
1719 – The Boston Gazette is published for the first time.

1889 – Robert Browning died in Venice. He had intended to be buried in the cemetery in Florence where his wife Elizabeth was buried in 1861, but it had been closed to further burial right before his death. So he is buried in Westminster Abbey. It was at Browning’s funeral that Frederick Furnivall of the Chaucer Society asked to be allowed to go in and measure Chaucer’s corpse, since some hints were in his texts that he was a small man.

1913 – The World published Wynne’s first Word-cross puzzle

something to see • if you in la la land don’t forget to check out the Gonzo exhibition of photography of Hunter S Thompson runs Dec 2 – Jan 20.

something to hear and read • from NPR some retail booksellers best of 06 titles.

something old • Unpublished photographs of Beatrix Potter and a letter in which she explained why the Loch Ness Monster has humps are among the items that will be displayed next autumn. Also there is a new movie about beatix releasing in January.

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