National Fruitcake Day

Yes, I am dogging it this week, Blogger beta went unbeta and now I am working through all the bits and tweaks in the Bullpen code to see how much I will lose when I change it over to the new layout. I still can’t figure out how to keep the drop down lookups from the sidebar. I don’t know how much visitors use the reference materials I have posted in the past – but I am loathe to eliminate it completely . . . but enough about me. I hope you’all had a sewage free holiday and drank heavily.

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1822 – Stendhal conceives the idea of writing a philosophical treatise on love, De l’Amour, which was according to Ford Madox Ford “the dryest book about love that was ever written”
1831 – The HMS Beagle, under the command of captain Robert FitzRoy and carrying among its passengers the twenty-two-year-old naturalist Charles Darwin, sets sail on its second survey journey, which would last five years (returning on October 2, 1836). FitzRoy, an enthusiast of physiognomy, almost rejected Darwin, claiming that the shape of his nose indicated a lack of determination.
1866 – Charles Dickens replies to a fan: “Dear Madame, you make an absurd, though common mistake in supposing that any human creature can help you to be an authoress, if you cannot become one in virtue of your own powers.”
1887 – Start of Sherlock Holmes “Adventure of Blue Carbuncle”
1896 – Louis Bromfield, American writer (d. 1956)
1904 – James Barrie’s Peter Pan premieres in London.
1940 – literary critic Edmund Wilson wrote to Zelda Fitzgerald expressing his sorrow over the death of her husband Scott, his Princeton roommate.
1971 – Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and Woodstock of Charles Schulz’ Peanuts comic strip were on the cover of Newsweek magazine.

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