National Garlic Day

so much for the new motherboard the laptop is still broken, so he popped my harddrive into STILL another laptop and all THAT one does is crash. so, we are back to limited posts until i kill the computer guy and bury his body.

black ops • late muckracking journalist Jack Anderson’s papers have been given to GWU but the FBI wants to censor them first. can some one please wake me up from this stalinist nightmare now?

pea green • if i read about this Harvard Sophomore with the Hefty Book Contract (only after they taught her how to write a book) one more time i may vomit.
EVERY time they claim to have found a NEW fresh young voice. . . . you try reading them only to discover they write like they are f*ing twelve!

why not? • Malachy McCourt author of I Never Drink When I’m Sober is running for NY governor. I wish I made this stuff up.

something new • NPR has Matthew Continetti author of The K Street Gang The Rise and Fall of the Republican Machine.

super shopping • A book of Bavarian poetry Adolf Hitler gave Eva Braun is up for auction.

naughty & nice • A stupid Montana intruder hurt himself breaking into a library’s children’s section and got blood on numerous books. So, the kids themselves are replacing the damaged books.

banktoaster • here’s a lovely virtual online gallery of 20s and 30s travel brochures
submitted to us by Paul Snijders@
Antiquariaat Fokas Holthuis

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