National Handwriting Day

Indeed the PC is all shiny shiny and the 6 new USB 2 ports all work as advertised, but the multi-card reader from Compusa had to be returned because it wouldn’t actually accept an SD card in the SD card slot. And strangely neither did 2 other ones I made them unwrapped in the store. All they retail drones had to say was – “Gee why don’t you just use an external reader?” “Gee, cause it would eat up one of the freaking USB ports.” Nevertheless, I did manage to find an internal memory card reader to install, so my PC didn’t have its guts hanging out all day. But I did manage to waste the rest of the afternoon moving bits and pieces around, and watching Akira Kurosawa films – my new Criterion editions of Yojimbo and Sanjuro aren’t in yet, so I consoled myself with Throne of Blood (his version of MacBeth) and Ikiru.

calendar •
1490 – 1st printing of Ramban’s Sha’ar ha-Gemul
1492 – Pentateuch” (Jewish holy book) 1st printed
1589 – Sir Edmund Spenser sent an explanation of his allegorical poem The Faerie Queene to Sir Walter Releigh.
1594 – Titus Andronicus was performed, the first known performance of a Shakespeare play
1783 – Stendhal (Marie Henri Beyle) is born. (d1842)
1897 – Start of Sherlock Holmes Adventure of Abbey Grange.
1906 – Anya Seton, American romantic author (d. 1990)
1911 – In New York City, novelist David Graham Phillips is shot by a man (who then shoots himself) who believes that Phillips based a character in his best-seller The Fashionable Adventures of Joshua Craig on his sister.
1926 – Eugene O’Neill’s play The Great God Brown premiered in New York.
1936 – In a review about Kipling George Orwell confesses “I worshiped him at 13, loathed him at 17, enjoyed him at 20, despised him at 25, and now again rather admire him at 25, and now again rather admire him” Fourteen years later to the day Orwell will die in london at 46 of a tubercular hemorrhage.
1964 – Arthur Miller’s After the Fall premiered in New York

banktoaster • in from Stan Zielinski at found this 6 slice banktoaster – New General Catalog of Books and Authors The aim of this site is to catalog all deceased authors, and all authors of books published before 1964, including their full name(s), date of death, date of birth, pseudonyms, sex & nationality (for non-EU citizens who died after c1920), and their books published before 1964.” AND Declarations of Pseudonyms and their resolutions in the US Catalog of Copyright Entries. In the vernacular of my neighborhood – MINGYA, that’s a lot of typing. SOMEONE has a lot of time on their hands.

DIY • How to MacGyver a Mini-Fridge into a Wine Refrigerator I kid you not. I am SO gonna try this next time I have a bottle of wine long enough to store it.

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